Thursday, September 20, 2012

ADHESIVE 101-info & a special!

When there's a special offered by SU(currently Back to Spool) I like come up with order that will help customers earn the promo bonuses(using basic, consumable products) is the latest one I've come up with!

  • current SU a $50 and receive a free roll of ribbon(#4 on page 172....3/8" Stitched Satin Ribbon).  
  • Adhesive 101 order will include your choice of adhesive products from page 177 of the main catty.......totaling $48-$49.99.  I will add a FREE snail to your order, bumping the total to $50......earning you a FREE roll of ribbon(ribbon option from Donna in the next bullet point).   
  • maybe you want a bit of each color ribbon? about 2 yards of each of the 5 colors(the FREE rolls are 10 yards).  
  • promo ends on Sept. 30th.
  • I will be away from Sept. 22nd to Oct 1st.  All Adhesive 101 orders placed during this time must be submitted online, by e-mail, or by text.....I will not be receiving phone messages while I am away, will be checking e-mails & text.    
  • Adhesive 101 orders will be applied to club totals(for club members).  
  • Adhesive 101 is a product order, is not attached to a class. 

Donna's Adhesive 101 order(adhesives I use most)
Glue Dots $5.95(103683)
Stampin' Dimensionals $5.25(104430)
3 x SNAIL Adhesive $6.50(104331) 
Multipurpose Liquid Glue $5.25(110755
2-Way Glue Pen $4.50(100425)
Sticky Strip $8.50(104294)
TOTAL $48.95
Donna adds an extra snail to your order(for FREE).....bumping your order over $50(but you won't pay the extra) now get FREE RIBBON.  With shipping and gst this is a $21.66 value(ribbon & SNAIL). 

Let me know if you have any questions.......remember, I'm away from the 22nd-until after the promo is over(please order online, e-mail, or text to place order while I am away).

Here's the 101 portion of the special......the adhesive education portion! 
Be sure and check out page 177 for uses on all the adhesives SU sells....and check out my favorite uses for the adhesives listed in my Adhesive 101 order(above)!
Donna disclaimer:  I am not a big fan of liquid glues.....they work well,  it's just a personal choice for me.  I tend to reach for adhesives that are not so messy, and do not need drying time.  
Glue Dots-the thing I use glue dots for the most is attaching buttons, ribbon bows, chipboard pieces.....great for attaching small, light weight pieces. 
Stampin' Dimensionals-used to POP IT UP, I use dimensionals on 90+% of the projects I make(I'm sure the 90% is not an exaggeration).  LOVE these little honeycombs! 
SNAIL Adhesive-not sure what to say about SNAIL, it is my GO TO adhesive...always use it for adhering layers, cardstock to cardstock(or pattern paper).'s new and improved, watch your next order(the roll on the dispenser is now blue, was white).  Just finished my first roll, it applies much better(full coverage), and seems stickier. 
Multipurpose Liquid Glue-as mentioned above, I am not a big user of liquid glue....BUT there are times when it is a must!  I do reach for liquid glue when adhering pieces that may need positioning.......several layers of something you need to have lined up evenly.  Being it is a liquid and needs time to dry, it allows you slide time.  This means if you have time to adjust the pieces you are layering.  EXAMPLE....the ornament on the front of the Holiday catty where you are adhering several pieces of ornament die pieces which have been folded in half, and need to be glued together.  Glue all pieces together, then easy adjust to line up edges by sliding into could not do this when using a double sided tape such as SNAIL.  Also works great for adhering chipboard......caution, when applying use sparingly, when you press to adhere excess will surface from the sides, and will be visible once dry.  Tombo mono is a very strong adhesive, it is more cost affective than double sided tapes.  If you don't mind the liquid aspect, the drying time........this adhesive is a GREAT choice. 
2-Way Glue Pen-LOVE this adhesive for attaching glitter.....dries clear(LOVE THAT). Can be used for light weight tiny pieces where it is hard to attach SNAIL.
Sticky Strip-Sticky Strip is the TOUGH one.....I use it when I want to be sure something is going to STICK, and stick for a long time.  Great for heavier weighted projects....3-D items, party favors(treat boxes), home decor, textured or glossy surfaces.  CAUTION: once you have something in place using Sticky Strip you will not have much success in trying to reposition, once it's down....IT"S DOWN, the option of changing your mind, isn't really an option. 

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