Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Post 1(Color Combo)

Time to get started...........
As mentioned in my last e-mail, I am in the mood for color & flowers.....hence the topic of this 1st post!

Head on over to the all natural section of the catty(pages 79-104)......please tell me which is your favorite color combination(and which project it's on)from any of the cards/project in that section!

If you do not have a hard copy of the catty, you can check out online here:

I look forward to seeing what everyone likes best......maybe one of them will be part of an upcoming class!?!

Please put the post # in the subject line or your e-mail responses!

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Dreena Guptill said...


well, no one has commented yet and i'm following along. I'm not sure if i'm allowed but i'll put my thoughts and ideas into this!

Personally, i'm liking fresh and a little funk. A nearly retro fresh..because i'm not quite bold enough. I'm more Spring with an electric edge. How about some chocolate, olive or kiwi and tangerine tango? you've got the earthy/green and then 'kapow' with the tangerine!