Sunday, May 30, 2010

only 30+ hours to sign up for Donna Predicts!

2 people have signed up so far.....wanna play, should be FUN!

Here is the info from the LAST CHANCE LIST post!

A little game.....I am going to pick 5 sets I think will be retiring, if I'm right on ALL 5 you will agree to place a $20 order......if I get 1 or more wrong YOU will get to come to a FREE CLASS featuring one or more the sets I've picked!!!

In order to play along you will need to SIGN UP.....deadline 10:00 p.m. May 31st! I will cap the players at 10 for class purposes IN CASE I lose! And guess what.........if I WIN that's $200 in orders(with 10 players)....yep a workshop!!! Not only will I win, YOU the players will WIN as hostess set, and FREE product will be given away in the form of a draw(basically you will get your $20 back in FREE product(if you win)!!!

the sets I am predicting(ones I have)
  1. Best Wishes & More(page 64)
  2. Hoppy for You(page 72)
  3. A Beautiful Thing(page 106)
  4. Tart & Tangy(page 126)
  5. Classifieds background(page 133)

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