Friday, May 28, 2010


3 DAYS until the BIG LIST is released........with all the color changes I'm thinking it's going to be a BIG ONE!! I am very excited.......out with the OLD!!

I will be hosting a few LAST CHANCE events.......they will be LAST CHANCE on two accounts:
  1. the LAST CHANCE list.....for you to purchase products from the current catty that will not be carrying forward into the NEW catty!
  2. the LAST CHANCE.......for me to earn the SU cruise for next year(ALASKA)......June 30th is the deadline!

2 4 1 GARAGE SALE JUNE 2nd 5:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m.(Donna's stamp room)-please read carefully as there is a twist to this one(it's still 2 4 1)! Due to Stampin' Up!'s guidelines I CANNOT sell my retiring sets until they are actually retired. So, in order to have the garage sale in JUNE(before the products are actually retired)I CANNOT actually sell them is what we will do!
  1. You will TAG the sets you WANT to buy!
  2. You will place your equal value order in June.
  3. When you pick up your order on July 2nd it will have in it your TAGGED sets included!
If you have never attended one of my 2 4 1 Retired Rubber Garage Sales and have questions please contact me at and I will explain!

Please keep in mind I have only ONE each of the retiring may need to purchase some of your favorites directly from the LAST CHANCE LIST(read on for savings)!
This garage sale will NOT be advertised in the is only being promoted via my newsletter, on the facebook page, and here on the blog!
(no early birds please)

#2-10% savings on products from the LAST CHANCE LIST until June 30th. Be aware that many of the products are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, to avoid disappointment order early! 10% savings will only apply to items on the list, and cannot be combined with the 2 4 1 Garage sale!

A little game.....I am going to pick 5 sets I think will be retiring, if I'm right on ALL 5 you will agree to place a $20 order......if I get 1 or more wrong YOU will get to come to a FREE CLASS featuring one or more the sets I've picked!!!

In order to play along you will need to SIGN UP.....deadline 10:00 p.m. May 31st! I will cap the players at 10 for class purposes in case I lose.......and guess what.........if I lose that's $200 in orders....yep a workshop and the players will WIN again!! Free hostess set, and FREE product will be given away in the form of a draw(basically you will get your $20 back in FREE product(if you win)!!!

the sets I am predicting(ones I have)
  1. Best Wishes & More(page 64)
  2. Hoppy for You(page 72)
  3. A Beautiful Thing(page 106)
  4. Tart & Tangy(page 126)
  5. Classifieds background(page 133)

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