Thursday, February 12, 2009


NEW news!
marker special to be announced today!
make someone's day basket.......details will be announced today!

**haven't forgot about about tomorrow?**
there is more coming........stay tuned!
If you haven't visited for a sure and check out what's NEW(if you played along in the SAB challenges this will be a review for you)!

1. Online ordering special
part 1
part 2
2. SAB Big shot special check here
3. Technique classes check here
& here
4. Play with product
Last Year I often heard..........
"I bought it and never used it"
"I have sets I've never mounted!
This Year I would like to help customers make better use the products they purchase.........but how? (If you have an ideas please let me know)
One idea is a Play with product evening! This free event will be held once a month. You can pack up your purchased products, come on over, and we can play! With the help of magazines, idea books, samples I have on display hopefully we can come up with a project that will help you use your products! Here's hoping you will go home a HAPPY stamper.......with a NEW project!!! This is a crop style format on the 1st Thursday of the month!
5. Monthly Shoebox swaps
I LOVE hosting shoebox swaps..........a fun night of card building & visiting!!! To participate in a shoebox swap you must prepare a card, have all the supplies need for the project in the box(including all the tools). Everyone takes a seat at the table with their shoe box, and then the building begins!! Each person makes the card in the box in front of them, then after a given time everyone switches boxes(all to the left or right), continue this until your shoebox has made it around the table and is back at you......everyone has made your card! Hope that makes sense! There is no charge for these events, and there will be a limit of 6 swappers per event...........hope you plan to come and play!!! Shoe box swaps will run start in Feb., with the last one being held in May. We will start back up in Sept.!2nd Monday of the month!

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