Sunday, March 28, 2010

I HAVE FAILED......and I didn't even realize it until the next day?

Can you guess what I did?

FREE Stamp set for the first correct answer!
(SAB Vintage Labels clear mount)


Good guess Jacqueline, but that's not it!  

Time for a clue.......I thought I had made mention of the topic on the blog....but it appears I haven't.  Clue is.....this will be something those that visit my stamp room will know about it......I've been talking about it(LOTS)!  

**eta 2**
Yikes with all these good guesses, I am now realizing I have more than one failure....hanging head low....LOL!!!  
2nd clue-I think this will be a dead's not stamping related! 

**eta 3**
WE HAVE A WINNER-good job Joanne! 
So what have I been talking about for the past 30 some days?  The fact I was giving up CHOCOLATE for 40 days!  Well guess what, I ate a few CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies(probably 5+)on Friday, and never even realized it until Saturday when I went to have a few more......oh bother!   I am continuing on with my efforts, and hopefully will make it to Easter with no more slip ups!  Now I best get onto fixing up all the others things I've failed to do....LOL!!!  


Jacqueline said...

Any chance you forgot to leave a deadline for the card sketch?

Joanne said...

Sort out the prizes for the Olymic stamping games?

Lissame said...

mailing your cards

Joanne said...

Daily theme posts?

Joanne said...

You ate chocolate?

Lissame said...

leaving on a cruise! enjoy I am jealeous