Friday, February 13, 2009


Several have been asking me about offering another ribbon share........and it's time!!

I will be doing it a little different this time around......instead of receiving 1-2 yards of each ribbon you can pick and choose which ribbon you want and how much of it you want!!!

Prices include shipping & gst!
Sold by full 1/2's please!
Orders must be pre-paid....thanks so much!
Everyone that takes part will have their name entered in a draw for the hostess benifets(free stamp set & free product(2 draws))!
When placing order indicate ribbon style & color(please include code), and number of yards you would like.
Deadline to order is Feb. 27th........I will be submitting the order Feb. 28th.
You will recieve your ribbon in bulk(not packaged in zip baggies)!

Prices are as follows*:
1" Double Stitched Grosgrain $1.30 per yard
1/2" Striped Grosgrain $1.25 per yard
5/8" Striped Grosgrain .94 cents per yard
Organza .61 cents per yard
1/4" Grosgrain .48 cents per yard
1-1/4 Grosgrain $1.15 per yard
Gingham .71 cents per yard
5/8" Grosgrain .77 cents per yard
7/8" Poly-Twill $1.30 per yard
Satin Ribbon $1.15 per yard
Taffeta $1.03 per yard

*Hemp, Linen Thread, Twill Tape, and Ribbon Originals are not included in the ribbon share.

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