Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Crafters

Birthday time......"can I make a card Grandma"?  "SURE"!!!  

Miss Natasha(6)can navigate quite well in my craft room, she knows what she is allowed to use(LOL...most anything as long as she isn't wasting), and what she isn't....and she follows Grandma's rules pretty good! 

The other day while she was visiting before a birthday party she decided she needed to make a card..........ALL BY HERSELF(oh ya, I cut the circle for her...that's it)!!

She is a master at the Big Shot, and especially LOVES the BUILD A BEAR dies!!!  

This is her completed card.....oh ya, I showed her how to make the buckle, but she did it herself!

Little ones are so carefree which makes them very creative........and in the end they are so PROUD, hope you have fun creating with yours!

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