Friday, January 22, 2010


GUESS the number of SU related items in this dispaly!

It's kind of bet.......take a WILD GUESS!!  

The person with the closest guess will win everything in the picture!  Deadline to guess.....Feb. 1st!  
Use this photo to make your guess(above)......the guess should be a total of everything.....not specific items(example-brads, ink pads, pieces of ribbon for a count of 3) need a GRAND TOTAL(you would need to add the brads, ink pads, pieces of ribbon for a total of say 23 pieces)....hope that makes sense...GOOD LUCK!! 

a close up! 


Lissame said...

do you want the individual item number or just the count for different items??
1 ink pad
100 brads
20 heart brads
1 heart punch
5 stamps in glass
1 six piece stamp set

So hope that this is right...would love to win, thanks for sharing.

Deanna said...

my guess is 20.

Lissame said...

okay reread the post and here is my guess for your give away,
138 pieces total thanks