Wednesday, December 12, 2012 3(document/scrapbook 12 random thoughts)

To everyone......please play along(deadline.....end of day)
To scrapbookers.....please scrapbook this.
To club members.....please consider this as homework for our January layout!
  • Do not over think this......please take no more than 5 minutes! 
  • Do one of two things......quickly jot down 12 random thoughts, or take 12 random pictures(12 different things)
  • please post in the comment section once you have your thoughts/photos recorded.  
  • if you are willing to share, please post thoughts in the comment sections(can be thoughts of the photos you've taken).....thanks!  
  • everyone that plays along will have their name entered into a draw.....winner will receive THIS!  

excluding photo
fabric may not be exactly as shown 

my 12 random thoughts
  1. can't wait to see Tyson's face when he opens his 4 birthday gifts, 3 of which are Spiderman STUFF!  
  2. need to get Tyson's birthday supper ready.......can I really serve THIS meal?  Tyson's request.......porridge, perogies, and tomato soup.....not sure this adds up to yum yum!?
  3. I am glad Oprah is coming to Edmonton, will try and get tickets this Saturday a.m.
  4. wish the UPS driver would get here........want my spring catty pre-order, LOVE GETTING NEW STUFF!! 
  5. I am excited about the Christmas card I have some up with.....I must say, it's clean and simple, but I LOVE IT!  
  6. I'm so nervous this time of year, hoping there are no tragedies so close to Christmas.  
  7. LOVE the NEW red in the entrance........yesterday I received my annual Poinsettia gift from my Aunt, so BEAUTIFUL(as always)! 
  8. my desk is a mess.....why, always! 
  9. must do laundry! 
  10. bet you didn't know.....once our tree is up and decorated the lights do not go off until we take it down(I'm the guilty one on this Christmas tradition at our house).  (exception.........if we are away for overnight) 
  11. love that the blog visits today have double from the usual!  
  12. need to make an appointment to have my eyes checked! 


Lisa J said...

My Thoughts:
1. I really need to make my Christmas cards - like really Lisa - you are a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and the LAST PERSON who should be tardy on this
2. Is it time to go home yet? Apparently I need to work on Christmas cards....
3. I love Caramilk chocolate bars
4. I should make plans for New Years
5. Maybe I can start next years Christmas Cards on New Years Eve if I have no plans
6. I wonder what my parents are doing in Mexico right now
7. We have listened to the same Christmas Carol CD twice already and finally someone just shut it off
8. Who has a good Christmas CD out?
9. It's almost time to leave!!
10. Christmas is in less than 2 weeks and I am not prepared
11. I really suck at the Elf on the Shelf thing - our Elf does not move.....ever.
12. 12 random thoughts and not one was about the work sitting in front of me.......oops.

Erin said...

Hahaha!! Thanks for making me laugh ladies!!

Random thoughts...
1. Glad I'm almost finished addressing my cards, but can't believe I ran out!!
2. Ugh... Don't want to go out again today.
3. Love listening to Christmas music.
4. My tree ornaments need rearranging.
5. I think I'm even better at wasting time than my hubby, but I beg you not to tell him.
6. I love how wherever I go, I can always run into someone and talk forever.
7. I hate talking on the phone. Really would like to see you in person.
8. I need 180 cookies for next Fridays cookie exchange. Haven't decided what to make yet.
9. Looking forward to no school for two weeks.
10. I should really finish my shopping soon.
11. Wonder what Elfie should do tonite?
12. Only three more school days!!

Anonymous said...

Tasha Jaffrays thoughts
1. how many peanut butter cups can my kids eat without getting sick
2. the frost on the trees havent looked this pretty in years
3. where did all my xmas decorations go - maybe they are under the snow
4. I should con one of the kids into shovelling the sidewalk - use peanut butter cups as reward
5. why do the lightbulbs in my living room always burn out at different times when i change them all at once
6. What to get my dad for xmas - I love to prank him
7. I should use the burnt out light bulbs to make xmas ornaments for the tree
8. I need to get the kids to the mall to get their santa pictures
9. what to make for supper - sphegetti sounds good
10. I think this is harder than it sounded 12 thoughts is alot
11. I truly believe my dryer is eating the socks
12. 13 days till christmas yahoo

Caren said...

1.Need to give kids a bath, but rather be on here ;)
2. Need to do dishes...
3. baileys and hot chocolate...I'm not a drinker, really I'm not!
4. Must address cards
5. Are the clothes in the dryer dry?
6. Half way there
7. Need to get caught up on scrapbooks
8. What am I going to buy at scrapbook club on friday, can't wait.
9. Love how my son just layed his head on my lap!
10. I should work on the books
11. I should finish doing my christmas baking.
12. I have alot on my to-do list, I don't think that I'll finish it, because more gets added.

Anonymous said...

1. Enjoying the baking I did today
2. All the gifts I have left to buy
3. Loves the stampin up stocking big shotz cutter I got last year
4. Hopes my first roast turns out
5. Can't wait till Simon gets groomed tomorrow
6. Wish my dad would come over to shovel my snow
7. I wish I didn't have to do the dishes
8. Enjoyed crafting with my mom last weekend
9. Loves all these post from Donna
10. Think I drank TOO much coffee
11. Really enjoying this paint by number
12. Wonder if I have enough time to watch 12 movies

Brenda H

Anonymous said...

Jackie Sutton
1. scrapbooking with grandchildren - impossible
2. I think I have paper stuck to my nose
3. Is that glue on the roof
4. When will their mother be home
5. Is that chocolate on my paper
6. Need to get new paper
7. Tasha is 10 mins late
8. Tempt them with chocolate into the kitchen
9. Do not pull out hair
10. I know why I am sooo grey
11.Tylenol Tylenol wheres the tylenol
12. Yahoo Tashas home - bye kids Close door quick