Thursday, December 13, 2012

WOW....the morning is almost over.....NO!!!

hang in there readers........I'm working on the update!

Spent a better part of the morning mounting NEW stamps......itching to play!  Must take card the TO DO list, before I hit the I WANT TO list! 

QUICK NOTE:  We have several ladies wanting to win the BIG SHOT, and we need YOUR help..........please check in often over the next couple of days, and VOTE PLEASE!

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Heather S. said...

Well, all our time in airports yesterday - where the WiFi was so jammed that it wouldn't even let me link to your blog - meant I wasn't able to follow along with your 12-12-12 posts. Good luck to all who were able to sign up for your Big Shot challenge. I'll be so busy over the next 10 days getting ready for Christmas I couldn't have participated anyway, so good luck to everyone as you battle it out for the Big Shot. I'll be envious of the winner as I just managed to bust something in my die-cut machine yesterday morning and a Big Shot is now on my wish list. Perhaps during SAB....