Friday, December 14, 2012

12.12.12 RESULTS-POST 1

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which 12.12.12 activity do you like best?
working on addressing Christmas cards for family & friends(from Donna's classes)
  0 (0%)
follow advent calendar something unexpected & kind(coffee to husband at work for 12:00)
  1 (11%)
travelling home for Christmas from the U.S. on the 12th
  0 (0%)
Mom usually bakes in the evening, today it's with her little one(she loves to bake with Mom).
  0 (0%)
scrap paper bin, punches, stamp sets and & stamp pads....let the girls make Christmas cards(listen to them talk about their creations & use up my snail))
  2 (22%)
do everything by the dozen. Bake 12 cookies, etc. Im even gonna watch cheaper by the dozen with the kids
  6 (66%)

Votes so far: 9
Poll closed

AND THE WINNER IS TASHA! the cookies were great, and hope you enjoyed the movie!  

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