Thursday, November 17, 2011

NEW FSOTM challenge.....3 & 4!

Challenge 3-entry must be received by end of day November 27th
WIDE OPEN.........for this challenge all you have to do is decide to play along, how easy is that?  Scrapbooking, cards, 3-D, Home Decor........whatever YOU LIKE, something you've created* that you are PROUD of!   
*inspired by works(you were inspired by something you seen), please don't use cased projects(project someone else has created, and you have duplicated)! 

Challenge 4-entry must be received by end of day November 27th 
If you've been busy creating for the Christmas Season please share YOUR FAVORITE project, something you have made for someone, something you will give for Christmas(or before Christmas, maybe a hostess gift?).  
These projects can be your favorite for any reasons......can be your favorite because of how you are giving it to, your favorite because it's quick & easy, your favorite because it was you put your heart n' soul into it(time consuming/doesn't fit the quick & easy category).........please tell us why it's your favorite, thanks! 

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