Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Q & A(new club format)

questions from you....
Q: OH my. How do I choose? I was going to stay with my Tuesdays and do the Kit'n Kaboodles but I like the sound of the Thursday class too so maybe I will vary from month to month. Will there be something to show us prior to classes to help us choose?
A: This is a great question, and I wish I had a great answer!  I will try my best to have samples posted prior to each class......although my track record for this is not very good.  I do hope to improve, and this will definitely be a goal of mine for this year.  If the event I do not have project posted I will commit to having at least the details of the projects posted.......example, stamp set being used, etc.. 

the following questions are things I have thought of that you might be wondering.....
Q: Can I participate on the game board if i choose to pay the class fee.........do not place an order?
A:  No(sorry).....all benefits(SU sponsored or bonuses give by me)are offered to award those that make purchases throughout the year.  

Q: If I attended previous clubs what do I need to do?
A:  Basically all you need to do is let me know you would like to continue......and then decide which classes you would like to attend, and register for them.  You will now receive reward points for each class you attend.....not just the standard club night classes.  You can choose a regular night(like the old club night class), or choose different classes that are hosted during the month(there are no restrictions to which classes you choose to attend).....they will all earn you reward points. 

Q:  Have you decided on a name for the NEW format?
A:  It will be called Just4U Rewards. You will receive these rewards for every class/event you attend.  These reward points can be redeemed through the SU Hostess Benefit program on page 9 of the main catty, &/or the participation board created by Donna.....you can use one or both options. 

Q: What do I have to do to join?
A: Basically all you have to do is let me know you would like me to keep track of your purchases/participation throughout the year, and you will receive benefits based on your own activity.........this can be sales, or participation....or both. 

Q:  What will the participation game board option offer, what will I need to do to earn spots on the game board?

A: Spots might read something like.....
  • Host a workshop 
  • Attend a Kit n’ Kaboddles class 
  • Attend a Stamp-a-stack 
  • Attend a Scrap-a-stack 
  • Attend a 3-D/home decor class 
  • Bring a NEW friend to a class Bring a NEW friend to club 
  • Join club 
  • Attend a technique class 
  • Place a Sale-A-Bration order 
  • Place an online order 
  • Participate in a Just4U blog challenge 
  • Order a NEW stamp set 
  • Participate in a SU sale/promotion(excluding SAB) 
  • Win a TOP SHELF prize
 You will need to make a straight line, double line, X, full card....to redeem points!          

Q: Why will we now receive club benefits for classes outside of our regular club night?
A: The new Hostess Benefits also give me more options.....hence I can give more back to you the customer. I want to encourage crafters to attend more classes(beyond regular club), and receive benefits for doing so.

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