Tuesday, August 16, 2011

E-mail content sent out yesterday(to those on my mailing list).....CLUB INFO!

Hi Everyone,
Please read the NEW club info carefully......thanks in advance for your time.   There's a lot of info, I hope I've written so that it is understandable......please let me know if anything is unclear, or if you have any questions.  Because this format is NEW, I look forward to your feedback......please let me know what you think. 

If you've been a member of past clubs it's time to think NEW....and hopefully BETTER!  The NEW will include some of the OLD, but we really need to THINK new!!  Sometimes change is hard, please let me know if you don't care for the NEW......exceptions can be made!    

For those that have never been in one of my clubs, read on......hopefully you will like what you see, and will join us for the NEW FUN! 

We need to change the word CLUB, not sure what the new word will be......hopefully something will come to me soon!  

NEW HOSTESS BENEFITS welcome more flexibility in earning FREE PRODUCT, add to that the old club benefits that work off your individual sales....you can now get MORE of what YOU want.
In the past club night was closed to members only.....crafters that agreed to purchase a minimum of $200 during the year.  Some have asked to attend club night with friends(not place an order), preferred to pay a class fee.  I shied away from this....feeling it wasn't fair to those that agreed to purchase the minimum amounts, be a consistent buyer.  With the hostess benefit changes, and individual sales credits I now feel comfortable offering a class fee to those that would like to attend what would normally be a club night.  Starting in September the new schedule of classes will be open to everyone....anyone can attend any of the classes.  This of course will be determined by space available, you will need to register.  There will still be regular monthly classes.....slated for the same days/weeks each month(like old club night).  If you like the old format and want to come the same day and week each month......no problem, just let me know and a spot will be held for you each month.  If you prefer to change things up....attend different classes each month....no problem, simply register for the class you want to attend(first come first serve).   You don't have to attend monthly classes/make monthly purchases.  Your benefits will be determined the years activity(July 1st 2011-June 30th 2012)......the more you participate, the more you will receive in benefits(not all sales related)!

(real name coming soon)!
The new format is designed to benefit you for event attendance, purchases, blog participation, referrals, etc., etc.!   You will have two options to choose from.....a few of the details are still being worked out.....what I know so far. 
SALES:  You can choose to participate in sales only(as with old club).....redeem Hostess Benefits by the dollar amounts you have purchased during the year.  NEW option this year: those that purchase and do not attend classes(or participate in participation option)will a receive 10% bonus to their dollar values for hostess benefits(and can redeem free product)....great for distant crafters!
PARTICIPATION: This option is designed for those that like attending different class each month, like to play along on the blog, take part in challenges.  I will be designing a participation card(similar to a Bingo card)where you will earn spots for different activities, and can earn FREE stuff  once a line is formed, a double line, full card, again similar to bingo.  Each of us will have a card to track progress.....yours & mine(I will need your help)! 

Eligible CLASSES
Cards-3rd full week of the month(as in old club)
There will be a few different option for those that register for card classes.  As mentioned you can attend the same classes each month(on the same day), or change monthly.  If you follow the purchasing/participating options classes are free, if you prefer the class fee option you will pay $10 per card class.
Tentative Class options-may change depending on popularity of each class.
Monday-Clean & Simple! These cards will be quick and easy, great for beginner stampers or those that like it clean & simple/quick & easy........usually 4 cards per class*. 
Tuesday-Technique based cards.  These will be what I would call artsy/inky projects......advanced stampers come to mind.  More time consuming to create.....2 card per class*. 
Wednesday-Inside/Out-I've been wanting to host this format for awhile now.  Love cards that are pretty inside and out.....and have a pretty/matching envelope.  More time consuming to assemble.....2 card per class*. 
Thursday-Not the Norm Night-these cards will include fancy folds, odd sizes....and once in awhile seasonal 3-D projects.  Due to the time required for these projects.....we will be limited to two projects per night*. 
*cards/projects per night may increase/decrease time permitting. 

Scrapbooking-yet to be determined.  Scrapbooking classes will be determined/scheduled once I know the demand/interest.  Would you like them monthly, quarterly, online projects, kits, etc., etc.?  Due to the logistics of setting up for classes.....cards and scrapbooking will not be offered on the same day. 

Other classes-Kit n' Kaboddles, Stamp-A-Stacks, Seasonal events, etc., etc. will be eligible for FREQUENT CRAFTERS BENEFITS.....and will be noted on participation card, and or be eligible for sales totals.  (more details to follow)

Standard benefits(these have not changed)
Club cards always go home in envelopes!
$20 gift certificate for bringing a NEW member to club.
Free re-inking(bring your ink pads to class)

I will have a Q & A post on the blog........please let me know if you have any questions!  Watch the blog for updates...... JUST4U BLOG

If you have read this far you deserve a pat on the back......and I thank you!  Please let me know if you would like to participate in this years program(yet to be named).....I am looking forward to the changes, it should be FUN,  and is guaranteed to give you MORE FREE stuff than before(gotta love that)!  

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