Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Because of my bad tracking system(mainly my memory...LOL) it's time to implement a tracking system for borrowed items.

At present I have several borrowed items present I have lost track of who has what......I need to get back on track.  If you currently have a borrowed item can you please fire me off an e-mail letting me know which items you have.....thanks so much! 

Before we get started with the NEW PLAN let me say.....I don't mind borrowing items at all(within reason of course), so please don't take this as a complaint from me, lets just say it's a way to get & stay organized.....thank you for your understanding!    

New borrowing plan:
  • My 1st preference is the items are used here(in my craft room)....possibly on Buffet Weds., or another arranged day.
  • When borrowing something please return the items within 24-48 hours.  
  • Lastly and most importantly.......we will now have a lending book.  When borrowing an item you will be required to record the details in the lending book.  The entry will include your name, phone number, date borrowed, the item name(from the catty), and initial in the OUT column.  When the item is returned please initial in the IN column.  
I hope this works, and seems fair to everyone......I don't want to change the amount I borrow, just the manner I do it in.    

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    Anonymous said...

    Sounds totally fair...and is a great idea. I lose track of the things I lend out as well.