Wednesday, June 01, 2011

GRAB BAG PROJECTS(still sure and check back again)!

right on ladies.......projects are arriving, thanks so much!

You know what I JUST LOVE...........sharing projects you have made........they are always so GREAT!!!  (sorry I always take so long to get them posted)! 

Follow this link to the original post.........GRAB BAGS! 

1: Create a card using the template of the month below!

from Jessica

from Brandi

from Leann

from Joanne

from Judy

2: Lift a card sample from anywhere on the blog....(the basic template).....check around, hopefully you can find something.

from Jessica, inspired by this blog post

from Judy, card inspired by this post on the blog.....CLICK HERE! 

3: Your on your own.....a wide open challenge, your only commitment is to use the supplies you received(add stamp and ink), and share with everyone..thanks!

from Jessica

from Joanne 


from Judy(using Jan. 28th's post....GO HERE)!

4: So last night when I posted the above challenges my IMAGINATION for challenges wasn't doing so well...LOL....must have been tired!  The kit you will receive has enough products for several other projects......with your leftovers please share whatever other creations you come up with.   
If you are willing to share beyond the 3 original challenges please feel free to add other supplies from your inventory......we would all love to see what you come up with, maybe a scrapbook page or does that sound?

from Jessica

from Joanne

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