Saturday, June 25, 2011

new challenge......

sometime when we take part in a challenge it's to correct our own bad behavior....and that's the reason I'm staring this new correct my own bad behavior.  I sadly have to admit that I make TONS of cards, and mail FEW!  I so badly need to change this......go from guilt, to hopefully making someone's day! To encourage me to change, and keep on track.........I need some company, and probably a pep talk once in awhile........want to play along?  (tell your friends)

My plan is to mail a card a week......think I can DO IT?

I will post on Monday's(Make a card Monday, in the JUST ANOTHER DAY tab), and you can share your card if you've made one. 

onto the NEW challenge.....

MAKE IT + MAIL IT = MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY challenge! (challenge name inspired from a similar idea on another blog....LOVE the idea!)

Check out the YOU CAN DO IT tab above!

1 comment:

Heather S. said...

As I said on the card you posted, I'll try and take up your challenge. You'll need to give me a good kick every so often though to keep me at it! :)