Saturday, December 04, 2010

Donations to the Stollery for 2009-2010!

As many of you know I promised last year to donate a portion of my Stampin' Up! earning to the Stollery Children's Hospital.  It is my hope to deliver the donation this week(Tuesday)!  The total amount that I will be donating is $1439.81......I'm feeling pretty good about this, gives me goosebumps thinking about it!  I will keep you posted..........with pictures!

Part two of the donation comes in the form of cards.  As you know I literally have hundreds of cards/card fronts......ones that I know longer need for display purposes, ones that are totally usable.   This is a offering I hope to complete several times throughout the upcoming year.  Being Christmas is just around the corner the plan is to donate mostly Christmas cards this trip.  Early in the new year a 2nd donation will be made.......concentrating on Thank You, Birthday, any All Occasion!  Along with the card donations, I am also going to donate envelopes so that the cards are ready to GIVE(just add stamp if needed)! 

Last week I had a couple of sessions where I mounted several card fronts, spruced up a few that needed a little TLC......and hope to have a few more work bees before I head to the city on Tuesday.  My goal for the first donation is 200 Christmas cards(hope I have that many.....LOL....haven't checked before I picked a number)! 

If this is a project that touches you, and you would like to participate please do.  My plan is to have a, for the STOLLERY basket in my stamping room.....a basket where you can(any time of the year)drop off full cards you would like to donate.  If you have any questions please let me know!

Watch here for updates as I communicate with the Stollery/Ronald McDonald house!

Monday Dec.6th......called the Stollery and Ronald McDonald House......made arrangements to visit them on Tuesday......I can't wait to get there!

Tuesday Dec. 7th
WOW.......I wish I would have done this ages ago, looking so forward to what we can do from here on in...........BIG PLANS AHEAD!!!

My first stop on Tuesday was the offices of the Stollery Children's Hospital.  There I made my promised donation, I feel's been on my mind for several months, I finally took the time.   I had plans to take a few pictures, but felt a bit odd asking(then asking permission to post the photo on the blog)........guess you could say I chickened out.  As it turns out, I don't have a receipt to will be mailed once my cheque clears.....stay tuned!  They were thrilled with the cards.....I am anxious to head back with more!!!  The most needed card at this location are THANK YOU cards........for those that make a donation, or volunteer.  

Next I headed over to  the Ronald McDonald house.  This is one of those things/places you hear about all the time, but until you've seen it with your own eyes you do not realize the impact they have(and I was only in the front door).......what an amazing place!!!  I gave approx. the same amount of cards to the house as I did to the Stollery......they were also very appreciative, loved that!!!  I was given a quick tour of the crafting, rec/school room.  Never realized(but it makes total sense)they actually have schooling at the house......for the siblings of the Stollery patients.  The average stay of a family is two weeks, some are there for up to a of course the children need to keep up with their schooling.   Beyond schooling, the families have many other needs.  One being activities that help relieve some of the HUGE stresses they are dealing with......ones that come from having a child/sibling that's a patient at the Stollery.   I was surprised to hear that currently there is no one volunteering in the area of paper crafting(scrapbooking/cards).......I am excited to work with the recreational coordinator to change this........for me, it can't happen soon enough!  (stay tuned)

Down the road........
making a plan.....making phones calls, setting things up.......stay tuned, update 3 coming soon!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome Donna! Good for you :)
I'll have to think about this more ... something i'd love to get involved with somehow.

Anonymous said...

Great work Donna...if you need a date for a crafting class ... I would love to come along and help (date and time of day permitting!)


Anonymous said...

...and if Leann can't come, ask me! Cathy J.