Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recruiting Excitement

In my last recruiting post( HERE ).......I set a goal of 5 new recruits during this UNBELIEVABLE recruiting special. Due to the excitement I'm hearing from you.......I've decided to change my goal, and add some extra fun for you.

My new goal is.....lucky 7!

Here is what I will do if we reach the goal! Two of the seven that have signed up will win $55 in FREE product from me! I thought of reimbursing the cost of the kit to one person....but decided having two winners might be that's what it will be.

As mentioned before......once you have signed up to be a SU demo there are absolutely no requirements if you choose not to continue. If you choose to continue, you will be required to have sales of $400 per quarter.

At the January group meeting(yet to be named), I will announce a incentive for those new to the group, and are choosing to continue(sponsored by me, not SU).

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