Saturday, November 20, 2010

Challenge 5(week 6 of Countdown to Christmas)

post here(no e-mails please)....deadline midnight tonight(20th)!

Please tell me in a short paragraph your thoughts about Christmas cards. This can be a memory, a tradition, something you've seen someone else do with cards.....anything you would like to share about giving/receiving Christmas cards.
One ticket per person will be entered in the draw(for a Big Shot)!

Thanks so much for continuing to play along......I'm loving this!


Anonymous said...

One year when I worked at the "Old Bethany" (it's torn down now), we did a Recreation program with the residents that just focussed on reminiscing about Christmas cards. It was wonderful. We talked about the history of the Christmas card, looked at pictures of old Christmas cards, discussed traditions around Christmas cards (how many, to whom, did you include a picutre or letter, etc.). We also had a box of really old cards someone had donated and we sifted through them as the memories poured out. Loved it!!!!
Cathy J.

Anonymous said...

I love giving and receiving Christmas cards. When I was growing up it seemed like everyone sent cards more then they do now.We would have them strung all across our living room. I do like the new ones the younger families send now with a yearly picture printed on them so you see how their families are growing and changing. Judy

Heather S. said...

I love making Christmas cards, sending them, and especially getting them. I usually hang them up somewhere in the house. Love it when the card includes a letter or at least a short update. Still love to look through the cards my Mom and Dad receive each year to catch up on news from the people they get cards from that aren't on my list. I've included a letter and photos of our family with my cards for 25 years now.

Anonymous said...

I love receiving Christmas cards! Email ones just aren't the same. After the season, I keep the fronts of the cards that have no writing on the backside. Mom & I started this when I was a teenager - we make tags for the follow year's Christmas presents out of the fronts. So much easier & fun now with die cut machines!


Deanna said...

I used to hate sending Christmas cards out. I would buy a stack and never knew what to write- it was always such a chore.
I discovered card making about 3 years ago and now I love sending cards. I don't worry about what to write anymore, since the whole card is my message, not just the part handwritten by me. What a huge change for me- I never thought I would enjoy making cards because of how much I hated doing the store bought ones. I have so much to thank those who introduced me to cardmaking!! (and my family is much happier with me too!)

Lissame said...

I love sending cards it never was about receiving them. I started when I was really young when my dad gave me the address book and the cards and said it was okay to send to family. Now I send to my own family address book but I try to make my own card along with an updated letter of our family news which for some is all they get as we don't seem to keep in touch all that well so it is nice to hear from some at this time of year too.

Anonymous said...

I have seen lots of people do the christmas letter that is included with their Christmas card. I tried it once. Really liked it. But, honestly, I just cant find the time to do it again!