Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 10 in the Countdown to Christmas!

I was literally sitting here wondering what I should do for a challenge this week.....THEN it came to me.....

I often hear that there are never enough MAN cards......meaning of masculine, cards to give to the guys in our lives!

WELL how about a REAL man card.......a card made by a MAN?

Here's the challenge:
The man of the house, or a man in your life has to make the card for this challenge. The category is WIDE OPEN......Christmas, Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You.......ANYTHING!

Here are the rules:
HE has to make it!
You can show him where the stuff is(your supplies), help him figure out how the TOOLS work!
He has to pick the colors of paper, stamp sets, etc.!
Card must have at least two layers of cardstock(base and one layer).
Card must have at least one embellishment on it(ribbon, buttons, brads).
This card has to be made by a male that is older the 16 years of age. (we will have a kids challenge later)
He has to be willing to give the card to someone(maybe you)!

The winner of this challenge will be determined by a done by visitors to the blog the week after the challenge deadline.
The winning card will receive a gift from you, for him agreeing to play along(he deserves something for being such a good sport)!
I will in turn offer a prize to the lady that recruited the new crafter.....prize yet to be determined!
Every person(you the recruiter)that participates will get one entry in the grand prize draw(for this week)!

Deadline for the MAN card to arrive is by midnight on Oct. 23rd......have fun ladies & gentlemen!

Have fun......I CANNOT wait for these to arrive! (are you giggling yet)

One of the men in my life(husband or son)will also play along(they don't know it yet)!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're up early. Love the challenge idea - can't wait to corrall my guy and see what he can do. You are right - the giggling has begun. I may have to show him that youtube video of the guy making a card with tire tracks first.
Cathy j.

Anonymous said...

It just about ended up in divorce...but it is done!


Peama(Donna) said...

oooops.........hope he's okay(and you)? He'll forgive you...right?