Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm back from a GREAT weekend!

Scrapbooking/card making + being with friends = TIME FLIES!

WOW......where did the weekend go, is it really already Sunday night?

I did get a fair bit done on the weekend, but it's funny how we think we are going to get SO MUCH MORE done...LOL! I still have a few challenges to complete.....still on the TO DO list!

One of the fun things of the weekend for me was to see all the e-mails coming in just before midnight on Sat. night(that would be SO ME if I was playing....LOL)! I had my phone by me while we were working away late Sat. night....the e-mails were just flying in.........Thanks so much for all your time ladies, it was a pretty busy week.....I so appreciate all your efforts!

I will be updating some of the challenge posts tomorrow and Tuesday!

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