Monday, October 25, 2010

today's the 25th.....what does that mean?

2 months til' Christmas.......WOW!

All done shopping?.......HA, not me!

Would you like to have a bonus entry?....valid for today only, answers due by midnight today(the 25th)!

Send me a list of 25 things you will do before Christmas(Christmas related)....anything you would put on a Christmas TO DO list! (I'm helping you to get thinking about Christmas)

Answers can be delivered by e-mail or posted in the comment section! Please use TO DO LIST in the subject line of your e-mail....thanks!


Anonymous said...

1. Buy Christmas tree
2. Decorate Christmas tree
3. Make cookies
4. Attend Alexis’ Cookie Swap
5. Make cards at Donna’s Nov 23(I think)
6. Reduce girls current toy collection
7. Put up Christmas lights on house
8. Put Christmas wreath on door
9. Buy new Christmas scented candles
10. Purchase Strilchuk Family Christmas ornament
11. Buy Kayden’s Lego Advent calendar
12. Make Christmas Cards (or buy)
13. Address Christmas card envelopes
14. Make travel plans/itinerary
15. Write letter to santa
16. Attend VSU Christmas Party
17. Attend Nathan’s work Christmas party
18. Make gift list
19. Purchase gifts
20. Get hair cut and color
21. Get the rest of the family’s hair cut
22. Stock booze cabinet
23. Christmas baking for family dinners
24. Order photos of girls for inside Christmas cards
25. Attend Round Hill toy bingo to win toys instead of buying them
26. Watch ‘Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer’ on CBC
27. Put Christmas CD’s in truck


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...I voted too!!!


Anonymous said...

1.Get out my Early Christmas decorations. (Wintery ones come out when Halloween gets packed up!)
2.Shop, plan and celebrate 2 of my kids BDays (They both have birthdays in the Christmas season!And i have promised I wont put the tree up till after their BDays!)
3.Make more christmas cards
4.Attend kids school Christmas concert
5.Find Christmas CDS (I usually find them Dec 26!)
6.Help kids write Santa letter
7.Visit Santa at the mall for a picture
8.Bake Christmas cookies
9.Bake Christmas candies
10. Make teacher Christmas gifts
11.Watch all our favorite Christmas movies for Christmas gifts
13.Wrap all the Christmas gifts
14.Make more Christmas crafts
15.Write out my Christmas cards and mail them
16.Sing Christmas songs with the kids! the family Christmas meal (there is 19 immediate members!)
18.Buy a turkey
19.Stock up on all my favorite Chrismtas chocolates you can't get year round!
20.Help the kids wrap their gifts!
21.Many hockey practices and games take up lots of our holiday time!
22.Take a family holiday photo
23.Find a scrumptious Hot Apple Cider recipe (use to have one but lost it!)
24. Get a new Christmas outfit
25.Relax and make many holiday memories with all my great family and friends!

That was harder then I thought it would be!
Jessica B