Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to Christmas..........9 weeks till Christmas!

my thinking cap isn't doing me any favors today.....what to do for week 9?

I am literally coming up with something as I type.....LOL!

How about this......uhmmmmmm......for this week you have to post HERE in the comment section! E-MAILS you will NOT get a grand prize entry.....has to be a blog comment. If you do not have a blogger username you can still leave a comment....please add your name to your comment. If you don't add your name it will post as anonymous, and you will not get credit for the post.

Although this is a Christmas countdown......Halloween is just around the corner.....if you have little ones at home, you/they are probably counting the days....6 more sleeps right?

PART 1....Before midnight on Oct. 30th tell me about YOUR favorite childhood Halloween memory. This post can be about trick or treating, a costume, school activity, a prank you pulled on someone......anything Halloween-ish!

PART on the poll to the right! Be sure an let me know in your story post that you have voted! You do not need to tell me what you voted, just let me know you've voted!


Anonymous said...

When I was in Grade 6, my mom and dad told me I was too old to go trick or treating. My friends, however, really wanted to go, so I begged and pleaded, and finally my parents gave in and let me go. Dressed as gaudy gypsies, my friends and I hauled in lots of candy in the first block. However, two doors down into the second block, a rather crabby lady came to the door and said "Aren't you kids a little too old to be trick or treating?" before plopping one tiny sucker into our bags. THis didn't seem to daunt my friends who carried on without a hitch. The nasty comment did, however, effect me as I slumped home, head hung low, embarrassed and humiliated. Maybe that's why now I always greet my Hallowe'en guest with fun, humour, and a most welcome fistful of candy no matter what their age.
Happy Halloween!
From Cathy J.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I did vote.
Cathy J.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cathy, that is sooo sad! People want kids to grow up too fast. One of my most fuHallowe'ens wa my last one goin out for treats. I was in grade 9 & went with a group of friends. Obviously people could tell we were older, but if we were willing to sing, they'd give us candy. One block of townhouses had some French families, so they asked us to sing in French...Alouette & Frere Jacque :)

p.s. voted too!


Heather S. said...

Favourite Halloween memory.... Hmmm, probably chocolate. Yup, chocolate - especially if we got a full-sized chocolate bar or two in our treats. We used to pile into the car and head to the neighbour's places. Always had to sing for our treats but the payoff was always worth it out in the country. I remember being a clown, a witch, Robin Hood... I do remember being scared to walk through the High School classes during the school Halloween parade when I was really young. Gotta go find some chocolate now...

Yup, I voted... :)
Heather S.

Anonymous said...

I remember being a purple crayon! Sorry...that's all I got!


I Voted too!

Deanna said...

I voted!
My favourite memory is getting caramel apples for a treat. Whoever gave them out was my favourite place to go Halloween night. I don't have many childhood memories, so that's about the best I can do for you.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid I dressed up as a lamp shade once! We just got new lamps for the house so I put the old lamp shade over my head and walked around with a flashlight underneath! My family still makes fun of me for this!
I voted too!

Jessica B

Anonymous said...

I voted :)

My favourite childhood halloween memories are of going to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins. I have so many pictures of a tiny little blond girl amongst HUGE pumpkins - SO much fun! I can't wait to the same with my boys.


Lissame said...

My favorite halloween, one that I wasn't sick and could actually go out trick or treating otherwise it was spent home most years handing out the candy. I too also voted in your poll.

Joanne said...

I voted! And I want to trick or treat at Cathy's this year!

I used to sort all my candy and each kind had it's own drawer in my desk. The chocolate was eaten first and I usually had suckers and small candies until next Halloween when I had to throw it out (that's why I hand out chocolate)

Anonymous said...

Just one more from me...Joanne's comment reminded me of a really fun thing I remember doing with my Hallowe'en "kisses" (those toffe/carmely candies wrapped in orange and black waxy paper). I would take one of the twisted ends and shove it in the grate of the furnace vent in my bedroom. In the morning the candy was warm, soft and gooey... (yummy breakfast food, eh?).
Cathy J.