Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stamping Oylmpics(Day 7)Today is Men's day(for some the events I'm keeping track of)!

Mens skating, hockey, and two curling games........there's more.....ladies curling......check it ALL out here!!  

As most of you know I attend my upline's monthly downline meeting(that's a mouth full....LOL), and most often we have a swap.  Well March is no different, and our theme for the upcoming swap is would think someone(me)that has a hard time NOT using brown, could easily come up with a masculine's not happening!  

Today I will challenge myself to get a masculine card created.......and I challenge you to push yourself to create something outside your comfort zone....something that comes easy!  
  • 10 points for e-mailing me today with what your challenge will be.
  • 25 points for e-mailing me your completed project by end of day Feb. 22nd!

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