Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stamping Olympics(Day 6)

At the REAL games....the medal standings for Canada are 6.....CHECK IT OUT HERE!
I haven't been keeping up with things over the last couple of days.....I need to do a little catching 7)should be a good one for Canadians!!

Now for our Stamping turn to get to work(have a stamping olympic training session)!  Pick stamp set*....I will make a card!  Everyone that plays will get 50 points(there will be a bonus round today.....after the supper hour)!    

*If I don't have the set....I'll ask you to pick a different one......hopefully it won't take long and we hit one I have!  

Let's make this extra can pick the colors(3)I will work with!  LOL......I can see it now, everyone is going to pick favorite(not)LOL!!!  

Take your mark.........let's GO! 

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