Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anyone up for a challenge(to support a GREAT cause)?

You may have noticed in the last e-mail I sent out, or on one of the blog post......this year I will be donating 5% of my SU sales to THE STOLLERY CHILDRENS HOSPITAL!!!  Check out the thermometer on the right to see where we are at so far(I just updated it)! 

In conjunction with the TIME TO CELEBRATE your SUPPORT I would like to host the following challenge to you!  
If you would like to participate please read on! 

  1. Make two of the same cards!  
  2. Deliver them to me by 7:00 p.m. Sept. 29th....either pop them in the mail, drop them in my mailbox, or bring them when you come to the TIME TO CELEBRATE your SUPPORT event!
  3. Once I receive the cards I will put one in a basket that will be given to the Stollery, and the other one will go into one of my display boards!!!  
  4. During the TIME TO CELEBRATE your SUPPORT event everyone attending will vote for their favorite card that is on the board! 
  5. The creator of the card that has received the most votes WINS ALL THE CARDS!!!  How fun is that?  
  6. You are not limited to 2 cards, you are more than welcome to make as many as you wish....please be sure you make two of however many times you want to participate.......2, 4, 6, 8, and so on!!!  
  7. Please make full cards(not fronts)
  8. When designing your cards please keep in mind these cards will be used by little ones to give to their nurses/doctors, parents/siblings/other family/friends that visit while they are at the Stollery, and some will be given to the little ones for their birthdays, special dates, bravery, just because, thinking of you, etc., etc.!  
  9. I will provide envelopes for the cards going to the Stollery.........please create cards that are 4.25 x 5.5 inches(8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock cut in half)!  THANKS! 
  10. LET'S DO IT ladies.....the board the cards will be displayed on hold 48 cards......LET'S FILL IT!!!  Please join this challenge even if you can't attend on the 29th!  
My plan is to have a little one that visits the Stollery deliver the cards on our behalf......she is a little crafter herself, so I'm hoping she"ll be proud to deliver our gift(I have left a message for her to call me)!  
I will donate cards, but will not be part of the challenge!  

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