Thursday, August 06, 2009


**I now have 4 Scavenger Hunt answers are below in bold for numbers 3, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 20! **

**Can someone confirm with me that I am right(or wrong)on #'s 3, 13, 16, 17......none of the answers I received match with these numbers.....lets do a double check! THANKS! **

Scavenger Hunt Q&A's
  1. name the IN COLORS....full names please!
  2. name a set that has a THANKS A BUNCH stamp in it
  3. how many hostess products are there....all levels? 13
  4. list 5 sets that have birds in them
  5. find a polka dot leaf
  6. how many colors in the neutrals color family? 7
  7. name the set that has "Thanks for blessing my life with you" Herb Expressions(55)
  8. name a word that has an image in place of one of the letters(please include page number)
  9. price of the Starter Kit? $269
  10. how many circle sets are there? 3 Batty for You, Circle Circus, Thinking Happy Thoughts
  11. tell me your favorite pack of designer paper from pages 162 & 163
  12. name one color from each of the four color families
  13. how many Stampin' Up! Exclusive products are there on pages 195-202? 43
  14. how many sizes of clear bags are there? 3
  15. what is the name of Stampin' Up! tape runner adhesive? snail
  16. how many alphabet sets are there(not including number)? 14
  17. how many stamp sets are there in the ALL NATURAL section? 42
  18. send me a Decor Elements code
  19. name one of the greeting from any of the rub-ons
  20. you have made it to the did grrreat!, which set is the bolded word from? Under the Stars

    Watch here for updates, & Q&A's!
  • here I am trying to get all the answers in place......hope no one bets me......LOL!!!
  • 1:45 and I do not have any answers yet! If the first answer has not been received by 1:59 the deadline will be extended to 2:30 p.m.!
  • Everyone playing will receive a small gift, winner will receive $25 G.C.!
  • It's so odd to sit here and wonder how everyone is doing/how is playing?
  • another extension.............let's say 3:00, and that's it ladies, that is my final answer!
  • I received one entry before the deadline, but I don't believe all answers were tried so hard, you might still be crowned the winner!
  • I did receive a few more after the 3 o'clock deadline which I will check and get back to will receive a little goody for playing along! Thanks!
  • ladies please let me know approx. how long it took you to complete the Scavenger Hunt, I'm curious!


Lissame said...

With baby interruptions, I think that it took me about 40 minutes...or so.

Lissame said...

i don't think I did that bad, misread the exclusive to SU and got the number of circle sets wrong...but I think I did well thanks for the game it was fun.