Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poll results!

**it's a MIRACLE........I figured out how to get the tracker posted!
You know what they learn something everyday!
My learning for the day is DONE...LOL**

Earlier in the summer I mentioned I would donate to a charity this year........check it out HERE!!!

The results are in, and our contributions will go to The Stollery's Childrens Hospital!!

Thanks so much for participating, this poll had the highest ever votes!

Choose a cause!
Stollery Children's Hosptial 12 (60%)
Canadian Cancer Society 1 (5%)
Camrose Boys & Girls Club 1 (5%)
Camrose Woman's Shelter 0 (0%)
support fundraising efforts at Camrose St. Mary's Hospital 4 (20%)
others dear to me-kidney~lung~heart & stroke~alzhiemer 2 (10%)
Votes so far: 20 Poll closed

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