Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Something new for this year!

This year I will donate a portion of my SU earnings to a charity/local cause!

Deciding to do this was easy, picking one is the hard part.....maybe you can help me!!

Should I donate once(a larger amount to one charity)?


should I donate monthly, a differnt charity each month(or maybe bi-monthly)?

My goal this year is to reach $36,500 in sales(1 of 5 cruise earning totals)! Therefore the fundraising goal for June 30th 2010 will be $1825.00(5% of the 20% commission)! These totals will be soley determined by product sold.

The start of the SU year is July 1st, donations will start with sales from that date! The success of this campaign will be largely determined by your support......and for that I am thankful!

I'm thinking this year long campaign should have a about........Just4U Gives Back! I will soon post a gauge counter/ticker on the sidebar to keep everyone informed of our efforts!


Jean said...

You never stop giving! I think you should give it all to a Alzeimer's charity. (Did I spell that right?) It's something that is near and dear to your heart, and they probably don't get enough donations!

Lissame said...

I commend you with your need to give. You could also help out a kid in the third world or a missionary in a church, just a couple of ideas...

Mickey said...

or draw a name from a hat of a deserving charity!

Mickey said...

MS Society for research would also be a great choice since it affects so many in their prime.