Monday, May 18, 2009

MAY LONG WEEKEND BLOG FUN(post 9-Go ahead call me GRUMPY)

So if you are up, you live in Alberta, and you've looked outside I'm guessing you're a BIT GRUMPLY, just like me???? Needless to say you won't be having a picnic, planting your garden, putting your flowers what the heck..........let's make another card(or scrapbook page)!!

Please use this template(take from as your inspiration. When you are making this card please have someone in mind you will give it to(it could be for the swap(#5)if you are playing along)!

Once you have the card completed please forward it to me. I won't post these on the blog in case you are wanting to use yours for the swap(maybe I will in a week or two, once everyone has received their swaps)!

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