Saturday, January 24, 2009

Question 2-Goals for 2009(#12)

Well you all know what I want to change for 2009, now what about things to keep the same!!!

Since hosting almost all of my classes in our home class sizes have been smaller, I love that!!! 6-8 is perfect for me!!!
I am happy with the number of events I am hosting.......plan to stay on track with 2-3 events per month!

Club members
I like the idea of running clubs in conjunction with life span of the catty.........also love the 6 for 6 concept(6 members for 6 months)compared to a 10 for 10(10 members for 10 months)!

Once again love the idea of hosting in our home.........makes my life a lot easier, hope it works well for you the club members not having to host on your hostess month!

I always(99% of the time)do a double page layout......that's the way I scrapbook! So when it comes time for preparing for scrapbooking club night I always plan a DOUBLE. This is not the norm with most demos........more times than not single page layouts are planned for a class with the option of paying a fee for supplies to complete a second page!! I have no plans to change the double page layout format!!!

I am generally happy with my recruiting/downline efforts. With most of my downline living miles away it's challenge to get together on a regular basis. Through e-mails, my downline blog, and phone calls we are able to keep in touch on a fairly regular basis. Several of my downline have become personal friends......our SU related conversations often end up with everyday chit chat.......that's always fun, hope that stays the same!

Will continue to offer monthly kits! I like the idea of giving customers the chance to purchase 1/2 packs of pattern paper, a couple of yards of ribbon, partial packs of embellishments.........seems to be working well, hope the idea grows! NEW kits featuring NEW products will be announced soon!!!

challenge 12
Tell me what you enjoyed during 2008......what would you like to see me keep the same!

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