Monday, November 24, 2008

Challenge players....

(players do not need to respond to this post)

okay ladies here is the list of players.......I'm so excited, this is the most ever that have played along on the blog challenges!!! THANKS!
1. J. R.
2. M. H.
3. C. P.
4. M. S.
5. C. J.
6. L. S.
7. C. K.
we have another player ladies, I missed entering someone I spoke to on the phone(she had visited the blog in the morning)....sorry!
8. P. N.

Count em'........EIGHT!!! Right on!!!

Onto business-
If you e-mailed me to play along and I don't have your intitials listed above please let me know, and I will add them!
Everyone that e-mailed me to play is now eligible for a 1/2 price stamp set.........if you e-mail me daily letting me know what the CHRISTMAS BUZZ blog post of the day is............don't forget!!! Everyone that completes the challenge will get their name entered in a draw to win a FREE stamp set once the challenge is over(and you can still order your 1/2 price set)!!

There will be other challenges.......everyone can play along..........those listed above, and everyone else that visits the stay tuned there will be fun for EVERYONE!!!

Q & A
Q-How many POST A DAY will there be?
A-There will be 10 CHRISTMAS BUZZ posts.....the last one will be Dec. 1st!

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