Sunday, January 27, 2008

Friday....just for fun(posted Sunday)!

Okay so here is my BIG NEWS.........I am the guest designer for the month of Feb. over at I LOVE the FEB. are the layouts I have done so far!!!!

My LOVE.......35 Valentines AGO(dh 16 here, shhh don't tell him I have this posted here)

Kiss me.......I'm cute!!!(what more can I say)

Gotta love......that COWLICK!
Arrow reads(Poor little Ashley.....she is only two & already one hairdresser has told her's the worst one she has ever seen!!!)
Definition on pink sqaure reads(cow·lick /ˈkaʊˌlɪk/
–noun a tuft of hair that grows in a direction different from that of the rest of the hair.)
All layouts are done using the SF FEB KIT(not SU products)
I will also add.........the best is YET TO COME!!! Little tease there!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Donna, that's exciting! Nice job on the layouts! I LOVE the Cowlick one, it's SO cute!