Wednesday, April 26, 2006

donna to Donna

  1. In regards to the title of this entry...............donna downey ALWAYS uses feels weird for me(yes I am old) to print a name using lowercase letters...........oh well, I did it just for her!!!!!
  2. onto my conversation with donna downey was quite interesting, when I asked her to sign her books, she asked me a question in quite a serious tone, "Why aren't there any Donna's that are younger than 30, why doesn't ANYONE ever name their kid Donna, what is wrong with our name"? I of course never had an answer, someone near to us mentioned that she should have named her daughter Donna, and her response was, "ya that would be REALLY good, Hi, I am donna Downey, and this is my daughter Donna Downey" was pretty funny, maybe you just had to be there!!!!!
  3. How great does a student feel when the instructor start the class off something like this..............The answer to every question in my class is YES, you may want to ask donna, can I use this color, can I change the size of mat, etc., etc., etc., her answer is always YES! She says, "it's your project, you are creating it, it's perfect if that's the way you want it, so the answer is always yes"!!!! If you are in my class, everything is perfect, be creative, don't look at your neighbor and try to create the same, make your's the way you want it, your's is perfect the way you create it!!!!! And so much more inspiration can one ask for from an instructor? Thanks for your boost of confidence miss donna downey!!!!!! You are the BEST!!!!!!
  4. Whenever I see a posed picture of her I will always think of how she told us how to stand/pose when having your photo taken. Since I always HATE pictures of myself, I think I might try her pose, it can't hurt. Here it is: you stand with one foot slightly forward, and ALWAYS have your tougue to the roof of your mouth...........make sense? She said she does it all the time..............this pose is supposed to get rid of the double chin! CRAZY GIRL!!!!!!


Renee said...

So that's how it's done!!! Gonna have to try that pose for my next picture...I'm glad that you had a wonderful time Donna!!! with a capital D :)

Heather said...

Interesting. I'll keep that in mind. I hate having my picture taken as well, but usually it is a hair malfunction!

Anonymous said...

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