Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I am looking for people interested in gathering to do some quick & easy MEMORY KEEPING!

What is MEMORY KEEPING? Gather photos, place in album, add a bit of journaling, embellish with pre-designed memory cards.....IT’S SERIOUSLY THAT EASY!!!! PROJECT LIFE by STAMPIN' UP! is so much DIFFERENT than traditional scrapbooking.

Do you NOT scrapbook due to the time involved, creativity required, and expense of getting started? Project Life might be JUST what you are looking for! Minimal TIME required! CREATIVITY is done for you!!! AND it’s very AFFORDABLE!!! You simply slide pieces into pockets……….EASY PEASY!!!

I would LOVE to show you how to SIMPLY document your family’s story……let me know if you have any questions, or would like to join us!

If you are a traditional SCRAPBOOKER and LOVE IT, that's OKAY.......SCRAPBOOKING is alive and well in my craft room. Because I am a traditional scrapbooker first, I will continue with this format(LOVE IT), and simply ADD Memory Keeping!  I am excited to get started with something that will help me get more done, FASTER.  The great part about Scrapbooking & Memory Keeping is you can use one format or the other, or combine the two to compliment each other(LOVE THIS). 

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