Monday, July 14, 2014

CARDS4U (new monthly program)

Happy to announce a NEW program I will be hosting starting this FALL(Sept.).

This program will run like a BUFFET:  You will serve yourself and you can take as much as you like. (sound familiar) 

What does this mean?
  • Each month I will prepare 10 cards for the CARDS4U Buffet.   
  • Each card & the supplies needed to build the card will be placed in a box/container(10 boxes in all).
  • Each box will contain enough supplies to complete 10 cards.  
  • Those in attendance will bring their own adhesive and create as many cards as they like in 3 hour period. 
  • Each person will have their own work station.  They will choose a card box, take it to their station and complete the number of cards they want of that card.  Box will then be taken back to the card station, and swapped out for the next card they want to make.  
  • There is an element of the "LUCK OF THE DRAW".  Because there are only 10 kits per card and guests are welcome to make more than one of each card, there may not be enough kits for each person to make one of each.   Once the kits are gone the next card choice will have to be made. 
  • Cards4U cards will be basic, quick & easy.  Cards that do not require detailed instruction(will not be technique based).....most often you will be able to look at the card sample and recreate.  
  • This event will run on a drop in format.  11 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. on the 1st Monday of the month.  Over lunch you say? are welcome to bring a bagged lunch, I will do the same and we can dine together(just like at a BUFFET(lol)).  
  • Card themes: the plan is to have a certain number of themed cards per month. (3 birthday(feminine, masculine, youth), thinking of you(feminine & masculine), thank you (feminine & masculine), 2 generic(feminine & masculine), #10 will be a surprise and will depend on the season/holiday.  (this plan is tentative)
  • Cards are $2 each, make as many as you like in a 3 hour period.  
  • Hosted in Donna's craft room.
  • Because this is a new program there is a learning curve involved......we will see how it goes in the first few months, and will change as required to make it better.  

Sept. 8th(one week later due to the 1st being a holiday)
Oct. 6th
Nov. 3rd
Dec. 1st
Jan. 5th
Feb. 2nd
Mar. 2nd
Apr. 6th
May 4th
June 1st
July-No event during summer months.
August-No event during summer months.

NOTE: CARDS4U is an in-house event.  MAIL4U are cards sent in the mail.  

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