Monday, September 09, 2013

Club from a Distance!

please note the above NEW tab.....from a distance(quarterly club).  

If you were following along with the 31 days of August you know I made mention of a Club from a Distance(day 24).  I'm ready to get started!

Here are the details for the ALL NEW "From a Distance Club".  (We really need a name) 

Please note: This club format is NEW to me, I am open to suggestions......I want to build this club to suit your crafting needs.
  • Club from a Distance will run quarterly.  I have decided to go with a larger order once a quarter, opposed to a smaller order once a month.  This will save on shipping.....$9.95 quarterly, instead of $9.95 monthly. 
  • My goal is to keep Club orders less than $75(plus shipping & gst).  This will vary from quarter to the event I go over, you will have the option to refuse the items that are over and above the $75. This would likely be embellishments......items you may have in your inventory. 
  • Club orders will be seasonal/occasion themed.     
  • Stamp prices listed in Club orders are the unmounted option, please let me know if you prefer woodmount(price of order will be higher).
  • Club orders & a sneak peeks of the projects will be posted on the 1st day of each quarter....February-April, May-July, August-October, November-January.  First one will not run as a full quarter as we are starting a bit late with the planned rotation.  
  • In order to participate in a quarter you will need to inform me, and submit payment each quarter.  Please do this by the 10th of the first month in that quarter.  
  • Payment options will be made individually......options being cash, cheque, credit card, e-transfer. 
  • You will have the option to substitute products if you already own an item that is part of the Club order.  All substitutes need to be of equal or greater value of the item you are substituting.  Please inform me of this when you submit your order on or before the 10th of the month(1st month in the quarter). 
  • I will be offering incentives for Club order add-ons.  This would be if you ordered additional items, beyond the standard club order.  If you choose to add to the Club order please do this when you submit & pay for your order.  (will announce incentives soon)    
  • Club orders will be shipped directly to you from Stampin' Up!(unless you visit often and prefer to pick it up). 
  • Three completed projects will be mailed to you(from me).  These projects will be created using the same products you will receive in the Club order......hoping you will like them, and duplicate them once your own supplies arrive.  
  • At times I may use products that will not be included in your Club order, items from your inventory maybe be required.  This would likely be a different shaped punch, background stamps, etc..  I will do my best to keep to the basics, using items I think most will have in their crafting inventory. 
  • Each quarter I will create a Pinterest board that will showcase the products included in the Club you EVEN MORE creative ideas!
  • There is no annual sign up required.....purchase the Club orders you want, skip the ones you don''s THAT easy! 
  • Please consider this post a meeting place for any questions/suggestions for the Club from a will be easier if it's all in one place!  I will also be posting updates here......check back often. 
  • Will add new details as they come to be!

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