Saturday, August 31, 2013

DAY 28-31 DAYS OF AUGUST (random Pinterest)

NEW CLASS........think RANDOM!

  • At present most classes I host are planned around specific products.  
  • This is good.....we know from month to month what's next, what products will be featured for the year.  
  • Problem is.....I'm always seeing projects I want to share, ones that don't fit into the monthly class plan.
  • Q: What should I do? 
  • A: Start a new class! 
  • guess what?.....I have a plan! 
  • did I mention........I LOVE PINTEREST! 

new class name........RANDOM Pinterest!
  • once a month I will host a RANDOM Pinterest class....4th Wednesday of the month!  Hopefully afternoon and evening(depending on enrollment)!  
  • I have created a RANDOM Pinterest board on Pinterest......VISIT HERE to see what our card options are.  
  • Each class will consist of 3 cards.  
  • Class fee $10.00(includes envelopes)
  • Everyone welcome(12+) crafting experience necessary.
  • One of the GREAT things about this class.........YOU CAN PICK THE PROJECTS!  Register for class and you will have the option of picking a card.....first come first serve.   NOTE: cards may be altered slightly to work with my inventory.

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