Thursday, August 29, 2013

DAY 26-31 DAYS OF AUGUST (best of 25....a bit early)

LOVE this in particular!  Yes,  I'm guilty....I've done it before, and I'll do it a stamp set because I need that ONE stamp!  Have you ever done it......are you guilty too?

Do you think you can list my favorites from being #1!
Once you guess(leave comment in the comment section), then I will guess for you!
First person to guess my favorites in the correct order wins a prize(to be picked up next time you visit)!

Here we have the September Best of 25 stamp set!   

Best of Autumn Clear-mount Stamp Set
Best Of Autumn Clear-Mount Stamp Set 134390
Price: $17.95
Celebrate the change of seasons with some of our favorite autumn-themed stamp images from the past 25 years! The five-piece Best of Autumn Stamp Set brings together some beautiful fall images, along with a never-before-seen “Give Thanks” stamp that makes this the perfect set for your autumn projects!

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