Sunday, April 07, 2013

(doodle)THIS and (doodle)THAT

The news of this product being released in the upcoming catty, and being available as a pre-order has created quite a BUZZ! 

I am very excited, and want to get started NOW! 

  • Over the next few months I will gather and share JOURNALING FUN in hopes you will be able to find something you like.....something that will inspire you to get creative, in writing! 
  • Because this project is(generally speaking)very personal in style and subject it seems to me, it would be challenging to host an in house class.  Therefore I am going to be focusing on the virtual class format(still need to work out the details on this). 

SUBJECTS(random thoughts coming to mind)
  • Pregnancy
  • Bridal
  • Brag Book
  • Grad
  • Travel
  • Random Thoughts
  • Challenge Journey
  • Quotes 
  • I AM.....
  • (choose and focus on "one simple word" and write about it in your Journal.  For example(possibilities are endless): MOVE, HOME, LOVE, SMILE, FUN, FRIENDS, FAITH, ME, STRONG, PETS, SEASONS, LOSS

The REAL answer to this question is ANYTHING.....there are no rules here.  I will share ideas I have found........follow them, use them as a guideline, or create your own path. 
  • I have purchased a journal book at Chapters that list things to write about, "642 things to write about".  If you do a goggle search of the books title you will find several blogs/sites.  I am choosing not to share links as I am not sure of the content of the sites are. 

  • Here I will share thoughts on MY This and That process. Yours will likely be different.......and that's GOOD!
  • Feel free to follow my design(creative process) or create your own........both ways work, there is no right or wrong here(in journaling)!

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