Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thanks for thinking of me!

I owe so so many thanks to all of you.  These thanks come from phone messages, e-mails, text, Facebook messages, cards, flowers, food, simply thinking of me........and everything in between.

Thanks for checking in here to see how I am doing......sorry for taking so long to post an update.

I am mostly, feeling better every day.....but far from feeling normal.   It is very difficult to explain how I day pretty good, the next pretty much empty.  Hoping this is normal, and I'm guessing feelings will continue to change from day to day.  As many of you know, I lost my Dad a few years back, losing my Mom is very Dad was estranged for several years, and I've been close with my Mom all my life.

I am glad I took this past week off........gave me a chance to do nothing, needed that.

Next week, we will resume all scheduled classes, add some new ones, and have make up classes for the ones the were cancelled when I was away.

Thanks for your understanding.......hope to see you soon, I am looking forward to SPRING themed crafting fun(time to say goodbye to winter).    (someone said they heard a robin this week.....I want to hear it/see it with my own ears/eyes.....not to sound like a skeptic but that's hard to believe)

thanks again.......Donna

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