Wednesday, January 16, 2013

time to answer these questions....

sorry for the delay(from Dec. 17th)

Can you give me a list of all allowable materials to go through the big shot?  (for example vinyl, felt ect.)
What you can cut with the Big Shot depends on which cutting product you are using.  Framelits are designed to cut only paper.  We can stretch this a bit of the item is very thin, has the same weight/thickness as paper.  Bigz dies can cut a variety of material.....the list is endless!  Here are a few that quickly come to mind.  Paper, chipboard, cardboard, thin plastic, cork, very thin wood, thin metal, acetate, fabric......will add more as I think of them.

I would like to know to use the embossing folders to emboss only a shape or decorative edge onto my cardstock rather than having the embossed design on the whole piece. 
A: There are a couple of different ways to do this.....I will search for a YouTube video and post here(today). is not tomorrow, sorry!
For example - how to use the Petals-a-Plenty folder and emboss a tree shape in the center of the card without cutting my embossing folder to that shape.
A: same as above
How long will standard cutting pads last before needing to be replaced and have you had to replace yours?
A: This totally depends on usage, and care taken during use.  Mine get used A LOT, and I would say I am on the 2nd set.....probably could have kept going with the first set, but they were pretty grungy so I pitched them.  Basically you can use until they break.   If they are being used for personal use only(not for classes/events)I would say they will last for years.  I have had my Big Shot for 3+ years!
Does it matter what tab you use when it comes to different materials you use on your big shot, will it cut the same?
A: Yes, and also which cutting product you are using(Framelits, embossing folders, Bigz dies, etc.).  Each machine is a little different, the pressure it applies at each level(height with each tab used).  Sometimes a shim can be used to add a little extra height....add to the pressure, will cut better.  You want to feel some pressure when you are turning the platform through the machine, but not to the extent of forcing it.  Hope that makes sense? 
How long has it taken you to collect all of the Big Shot dies and matching stamps, and all the other accessories, and which are the ones you use most?
A: I believe the Big Shot become available with SU in 2009.....therefore I have been collecting the current Big Shot items since then.   The Big Shot product I use the most is the embossing far!  

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