Tuesday, January 08, 2013

make it + mail it = make someone's day

Would you like to be part of a secret sister card mailing program?
What a better time to start.......the NEW YEAR!

As this is the first time I am hosting an event of this sort please keep in mind there may be minor changes as we go.  It is a work in progress.  I will be adding info as I think of things that will improve on THE FUN! 

(let me know if there is something I have missed)


  • this group will run from Jan.-Dec. 2013
  • deadline to join is Jan. 12th
  • forward the following information to Donna in a Facebook message.  Please include your name, mailing address, birthday, anniversary, a brief personal reference(your family-husband, children, grandchildren, interests, creative style, etc.).  I will compile everyone's information, and send to the appropriate persons(a secret sister).
  • in order to join you must agree to send one card per month to the person you are assigned
  • each month will have a theme/occasion...following the theme is an option
  • there will be requests for extra occasions/themes along the way, these will be optional(see EXTRA MAILINGS below)
  • please follow this format when making/mailing cards.  No written message in the card...we want the person receiving the cards to be able to USE the cards for giving to someone else if they so desire......think GREEN!  If you would like to include a message please write it on a Post It note, or slip of paper.  The cards is YOURS, you are welcome to keep it....re-sending not required. 
  • No return address on the envelope.....the sender is a SECRET!
  • I will work out the December details in a few months.....how we will reveal who, is who's secret sister.
  • it is encouraged that we share the cards we receive here on the FB page, thanking your sender for the nice card.  This is an option.  It will be fun to communicate.....get to know one another better.   
  • the intent....it is my hope that this will encourage us to more often be creative, the the product we have in our inventory.    
  • whenever possible please use Stampin' Up! products.....thank you! 
  • let me know if you have any questions

EXTRA MAILINGS(tentative & optional)

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