Wednesday, December 12, 2012

we better start talking BIG SHOT

questions will be arriving until 9:30.....please do not post your answers until after 9:30 p.m.

  1. do you have a BIG SHOT, or some type of die cutting system?
  2. if you won, would it be for you.....or would you give it away?
  3. if you own a BIG SHOT would you prefer to win the same $ value in BIG SHOT accessories? 
  4. what is Stampin' Up!'s price for the Big Shot? 
  5. What is your favorite Big Shot product......Bigz dies, Sizzlits, Framelits, etc.? 


Jackers said...

!. No, I don't have a Big Shot, or a die-cut system. I didn't know how useful the die-cutting was until we made those Elegant Cards and Christmas ornament.

2. I would keep it, share with my friends, and use it to make my bff's wedding invites!

3. I don't already own a Big Shot... but if I did... probably the same $ in accessories would be more useful. :P

I had fun checking your blog all day, Donna. Now, for some cookie baking!


Caren said...

1. No, I don't have a big shot or die-cutting machine
2. I would keep it
3. N/A don't have a big shot

Caren said...

4. 122.95
5. bigz dies

Jackers said...

4. $122.95
5. the Bigz Dies


Joanne R said...

1. Yes - I have a big shot
2. Me!
3. No - I'd prefer having the big shot
4. $122.95
5. I love the framelits!

Anonymous said...

-yes I do have a big shot!!
-I would give it away
-yes i would prefer the $ in big shot accessories.
-the stampin up price for their big shot is 122.95 but with all the shipping/handling is 142.01
- my favorite product is the folders

Brenda H

Anonymous said...

Tasha J
1. yeppers love it
2. gift it to my daughter
3. accessories of course
4. 122.95 plus shipping and the governments share
5. Bigz cause I love chipboard

Anonymous said...

Jackie Sutton
1. yes
2. keep it - 2 is better than 1
3. accessories
4. 122.95 plus the add ons not to mention you need to buy accessories to love this machine so whatever my husbands credit card will fit
5. sizzlit alphabets

Linda Robinson said...

1 no
2 keep it for me
3 I don't have a big shot but i like the cutting accessories.

Linda robinson said...

4 price is 122.95 + shipping and GST
5 the cutting things!