Sunday, December 16, 2012


**please post in the comment section if you would like to vote for #5.  If you have voted in the poll already and want to vote for #5, please let me know which # you voted for....thanks! 

Send me a question about the Big creative/be genuine!  I will post the questions on the blog and fb question WINS!    I will answer the questions best I can, after the voting is complete! 

Here are the questions submitted, please vote on the question you like best.......thank you! 

  1. Can you give me a list of all allowable materials to go through the big shot?  (for example vinyl, felt ect.)
  2. I would like to know to use the embossing folders to emboss only a shape or decorative edge onto my cardstock rather than having the embossed design on the whole piece.
    For example - how to use the Petals-a-Plenty folder and emboss a tree shape in the center of the card without cutting my embossing folder to that shape.
  3. How long will standard cutting pads last before needing to be replaced and have you had to replace yours?
  4. Does it matter what tab you use when it comes to different materials you use on your big shot, will it cut the same?
  5. How long has it taken you to collect all of the Big Shot dies and matching stamps, and all the other accessories, and which are the ones you use most?

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