Wednesday, December 12, 2012 12(LAST BUT NOT LEAST)

12.12.12 almost behind has your day been, memorable I hope!

I'm pooped......BIG DAY!

Here's the Birthday Boy.......gotta LOVE that proud face, FINALLY 4!  

Thanks so much for everyone that took the time to play along with the 12 challenges.....much appreciated!

I will do a quick update in the morning!  Post Prize Winners!

onto the BIG SHOT!
You have until midnight to sign up to participate in the LAST challenge.....try and win a BIG SHOT!   
  • due to the value of this prize you'll have to work a bit more to WIN, and I simply ran out of time to get it completed today(sorry about that)!  
  • to participate you must agree to 5 challenges, and complete them all.  Deadline for entries will be end of day Saturday the 15th.   The challenges will not be overly time consuming, and will not be skill orientated.........think FUN!  Some of the tasks will be super quick n easy, others will be a little more involved, maybe some fun creating(I will keep it simple). 
  • sign up in the comment section.....everyone that signs up will receive an e-mail from me tomorrow(listing all 5 challenges at once) 
  • if voting is required, it will be done by the viewers of the blog & fb page.  It will be completed by end of day Sunday the 16th.....winner will be announced Monday a.m., and can pick up their Big Shot Monday morning!   
  • don't forget.........invite your friends, the more the merrier! 


Caren said...

I will try the 5 challenges. You might have to get my e-mail from joanne

Jackers said...

Sure, I will give it a shot! A Big Shot! lol... sigh... :)

Anonymous said...

I am in

Brenda H

Linda Robinson said...

I will try!

Anonymous said...

Tasha Jaffray

Sounds like fun. I am soooo in

Anonymous said...

Jackie Sutton

No way am I letting Tasha get a chance and not me. Count me in.

Joanne R said...

I'm game to try.

Peama(Donna) said...

okay ladies.....I'm working on it NOW....e-mail should arrive soon, hopefully before the clock converts to p.m.