Thursday, March 22, 2012


the 1st post in the SURPRISES posts wonders if you like surprises?
the 2nd post in the SURPRISES posts refers to someone being a slow poke!  

last but not least in the SURPRISES posts(post 3 of 3)......(sorry for making you wait, for being a slow poke once again)!

so what's the SURPRISE? 
  1.  I am starting NEW class!  
  2. Class will be offered once per month, tentatively the last Weds. of the month. Extra, last minute classes might pop out of prepared to be SURPRISED!
  3. in order to register for this class you must be willing to be SURPRISED!  
  4. I ask that you TRUST ME!  The project will be new, fun, and of good quality.  Something you will be proud to display in your home, or happy to give as a gift to a special someone. 
  5. class fee $10  (usually, may change depending on project)
  6. Please TRUST that you will receive good value for your $10
  7. you will hopefully, but not always receive a sneak peak of the project! (this is where surprise & trust comes into play)  
  8. space is limited, and will vary depending on the project.
  9. if you can't come to class you can buy the kit for $10, and assemble at home(from pictures shown on the blog).  
  10. long story short......this is going to be a hodge podge of random class, priced reasonably, fun night out with fellow crafters for 10 bucks........sound like fun? 
  11. TELL YOUR FRIENDS......everyone welcome!
  • I always have a ton of projects I want to share, project nights I'd like to host
  • I usually don't get projects created in time to showcase in time for registration the end I don't host as I am not prepared in time.  (hence the snail)
  • The idea of a surprise class helps me share more, that's what I love to do!
Not sure what to call the NEW class?  Check out the poll to the me out!

As with anything NEW, there is an element of trial n' error!  I welcome your suggestions, comments, feedback........I appreciate your input(thanks in advance)!

for trusting me!

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Joanne said...

Sounds like Fun!