Monday, October 10, 2011

make it + mail it MONDAY!

it's your turn.....make a card TODAY, take a picture of it, e-mail it to me(I will share on blog).........MAIL IT tomorrow!

First person to complete this task will have a TOP SHELF pick!



Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
I didn't make a card today but thought I'd let you know that I did just finish wrapping a gift for a friend's new baby and used one of the cards we made using Turtle & Co.; the one with the frog that says "hippy, hoppy, happy hello!" and will be delivering it tomorrow. Judy

Peama(Donna) said...

right on Judy.....your post has earned you a top shelf when people make comments..thanks so much!

Original prize still up for grabs!

Lissame said...

I made 2 cards and put them in the mail, I have a picture of the card fronts that I can email you to post if you like to share that as I did 6 of the same and mailed 2 cards.

Peama(Donna) said...

thanks so much Melissa.....sorry for the delay in getting your card posted!